Martin County FL (3)



Martin County Florida facts and information.

A closer look at the details of Martin County, including things like munipal names, historic places and other general information about Martin County.


Jensen Beach FL (2)



During our travels we collect pictures and information about all of the cities and towns. Once we get the information sorted out we create articles providing as much information about these local municipalities as we can. These articles include things like population, history and government.

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Gilberts Bar House of Refuge (2)



CountySpot articles detailing local historical sites and places that have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Any other interesting historical sites have been visited and explored can be found in the CountySpot blog!

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Flagler Park (5)


Recreational articles ranging from State Parks to small local playgrounds and parks. These articles contain useful information about the recreational activities available and hours of operation.

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